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The Black God

Amazon/Shark Trust

Published Oct 18 2018

Echolo, the last human tribe, is in crisis.
It has been 200 years since the passing of the sun and there are none left who remember a land without darkness. As food grows increasingly scarce so are the tribesmen more concerned with survival than stories of the past, combing the plastic wastelands for their next meal, torch in hand and ears pricked, fearing what else may be prowling the gloom.

Inside the walls of the tribe, famine has taken hold and many are turning to cultist rituals. Conflicts are starting to bubble; battle lines are being drawn, but one young tribesman remains silent through all of it.
His name is Manuk and he is guarding a secret.
It is a secret of the old world that he knows may prove the key to his people’s salvation or the seed of their destruction. It is a hope. A danger. And it must remain hidden if he is to survive.

--- All proceeds from this book are donated to the Shark Trust, a charity organisation driving progress towards fishery management, responsible trade and species protection. ---








First version of the book finished.

Approached by publisher Little, Brown.

Meeting attended with editors, edits discussed.

Edits made across 5 months.

120,000 words written, 2nd version finished.

Self-published instead in partnership with the Shark Trust Marine Conservation Charity.

Read the first few chapters:

The Black God

Original Artwork (acrylic on canvas, 30x40)




Shark's Trust

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