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"Alex is a reliable & adaptable professional and a great team player. He was always surprising me by submitting solid copy way in advance of deadlines, allowing us to have plenty of time to work together on any creative adjustments.
I would recommend him to any company or project."

- Lu Juarez, Head of A&R

Instrumental - Final Logos (JPEG Print)_


Content Manager

March 2020 - April 2021

Content Management for the UK’s leading music tech venture, entailing the production of visual, written and social content. Also web copy and formatting/design input for the company’s multiple sites.

A typical week at Instrumental would involve writing press releases, designing and scheduling email marketing campaigns, producing social postings, working directly with artists to conduct interviews, and converting our proprietary data into qualitative content.

The company recently confirmed a strategic partnership with Tencent Music Entertainment Group in China, in which TME bought a minority stake in the company.

Awards show management
cannes awards manager
cannes lion trophy winner

Global Creativity Report


cannes lions
Spikes Asia
Dubai Lynx

Ascential Events

Global Judging Operations & Delivery Manager

March 2019 - January 2020

Full-time employment for FTSE 250, business-to-business events, data and information company AscentialThis role entailed the delivery of world-class judging services within advertising awards and creativity conferences across the globe in countries such as Dubai, Singapore, Amsterdam, London and France.

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the largest conference for creative and advertising/marketing professionals in the world. In the four months preceding and during this festival, the Judging Ops and Delivery Manager is required to manage teams of up to 15 temporary employees and vet all submissions entered within the categories of Film, PR, Music and Print. Then, in Cannes, personally supervise senior delegates and jurors from the beginning to end of judging.


This role saw regular involvement in the company's content output. In 2019, I led in the production of the world-famous Global Creativity Report; writing the bulk of copy, sourcing and archiving the world rankings.

"Alex has shown great resourcefulness, strong leadership of his team and fantastic interpersonal skills with colleagues and clients of all levels. He works well under pressure and as a creative himself he understands the importance of self-management and motivation, so can be trusted to get the job done without drama or fuss." 

- Jamie Anning, Product Development Specialist

British Airways
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London Copywriter

British Airways:

Club Magazine


September 2017 - January 2020

2 years’ freelance experience supplying high-ROI, long-form written advertorials for the British Airways ‘BA Club’ online magazine, promoting islands, hotels and luxury resorts alongside magazine content.

travel copy

Monthly mailing list of 3.8 million club members

CMA Awards (2016) Gold Award Best Membership and DMA Awards (2016) Winner Magazine Website of the Year

Translated into 9 languages


"...wonderfully reliable, always files copy on the deadline and manages to bring a creative flair to even the most stale of subjects."

- Hannah Ralph, Editor

Blenheim Chalcot
BC Engage 3 (2).png
IMG_8936 (1).png
Social Media Strategy front page.png

40+ Active or Exited Ventures

£1 billion Worth of Assets Within Portfolio

4000+ Employees Across 3 Continents


Deck 1

Deck 2


Content Manager

Blenheim Chalcot

November 2018 - April 2019

Blenheim Chalcot are the UK's largest venture capitalist with 40+ active or exited ventures and over £1 billion of assets within their portfolio. Primarily, their ventures are focused on providing finance and tech solutions but have a wide array of established or scale-up companies in media, edtech, design and an Indian Premier League cricket team, the Rajasthan Royals.

My contract here, working within the head office, involved the supervision and production of all media and comms output. Whilst working for Blenheim Chalcot and its ventures, I covered events & operations, produced blog posts, videos, graphic design, marketing campaigns, social media strategy and led internal comms leads across ventures.

"...a reliable, proactive content expert who is willing to get stuck in to any project and impressed me with his ability to ‘hit the ground running’ with little organisational context."

- Rachel Burnham, Director of Operations

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Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.49.23.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.49.38.png

#2 Ranked Food and Grocery Retail Website

30 Million Average Monthly Site Visits

Site Bounce Rate of 38.36%

Tesco Logo.png

Tesco: Real Food


September 2018 - November 2018

Contract for the UK's largest retailer included the drafting and written completion of 200+ recipe introductions. The editing of HTML for SEO & aesthetic purposes and in-house collaboration with the Real Food content team.

"...Alex was outstanding in this role and essential to the success of our project. I would recommend him highly."

- Martha Burton, Editor

Treasury Leaders Summit

Sales Brochure

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 21.35.36.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 19.41.15.png
Compass Logo 9.png
TLS Logo.png

Corporate Clients

Copywriter, Marketing Strategist

October 2016 - Present

Employment for B2B media venture Contentive and digital marketing agency Adapt Worldwide involved the drafting, editing and implementation of web, email, report and print copy for corporate events and networking platforms. I have also contracted as an all-round designer, video-editor and strategist to produce b2b content and help conduct brand launches.

Independent production of slogan, logo, title and copy for a world-class HR Events brand.

10,000+ words produced for Google Adword


Lead creative on 4 brand launch/rebranding


Content created for Treasury Leaders Summit 2019, HR Directors 2019 UK & US, Compass: People Leaders Guild, HR Directors Awards, Adapt Worldwide and Salesforce.

"...took the lead on developing and creating a new product concept, targeting C-Suites from around the world.

His understanding and value for the need to create a clear brand persona and values, is second to none."

- Delfina De Moura, Head of Marketing, Contentive

Branding: Copywriter should seek to understand company values and OKRs to develop a unique lexicon and external-facing written style.

Strategy: With careful research, the copywriter should aim to craft customised strategies that conscript video, email, social media, experiential or VR methods to suit your objectives.

Analytics: Data should be at the heart of all creative decisions. A copywriter should work with your analysts, drawing from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analyses to build effective campaigns with a high return on investment.

London freelance copywriter
Neemtree blog
Citation Labs Logo_edited.png
Dementech Logo.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 15.20.15.png
Neem Tree Logo (singular)_edited.png
Caliston Logo.jpg
BounceLite logo.jpg

Commercial Clients

Copywriter, Marketing Strategist

May 2015 - Present

Blogs: Articles published on 800+ sites, featuring over 9,000 backlinks & sponsored links.

Social: Contracts for 2 marketing agencies entailing the management of multiple social media accounts, building original content and daily postings across all platforms.

Google Edits: In-house contract for digital advertising agency Adapt Worldwide included optimisation and editing of 1000+ Google Ads.

Blog posts and advertorials published on 800+ sites

Over 900,000 page sessions generated across 1 year

Video, image, written and VR content produced

4 years of Freelance experience.

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