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2008 - Current

Pokemon canvas_edited.jpg

All featured images were hand-painted on linen canvas using acrylic paint and digitally untampered.


I paint by commission, with a wide range of clients from different backgrounds. My canvases have seen use as wedding presents, house decorations, film posters and book covers.

If you would like to commission a hand-painted work, email me directly at

--- Open for Commission 1/05/21 ---

I have been painting book covers for a range of bestselling authors since 2015. My clients include 'Amazon Top 100' alumni, Christopher G. Nuttall, Zen di Pietro and Ben H. Simmons.

Before each project, I hold a discussion with the writer or publisher to ensure their considerations are heard and the style of painting corresponds with the style of writing.

I paint to any given deadline proportionate to the scale of the project.


--- Open for Commission 1/05/21 ---

Book Covers

2015 - Current

The Long Road Home - Christopher G. Nuttall
Go! - Ian Tudor
Blood Money - Zen Di Pietro
Culture Shock - Christopher G. Nuttall
Border Girl - Katy McKay
Wolf's Bane - Christopher G. Nuttall
Vanishing House - J Taghavi
Selling Out - Zen di Pietro
Lost alliance - Zen di Pietro
Death Game - Oscar Pelaez
The Long-Range War - Christopher G. Nuttall
The Black God - Alexander Chau

Black and Whites

2008 - Current


The below are sketches created with pencil, biro, charcoal, conté and graphite. I do accept commissions for black and white images but, as the time demands are similar, I charge the same as for a painting.

I love to play with lighting and tonality and especially welcome any commissions with high atmosphere and bold shadows.

If you would like your request to be considered, you can email me directly at:

--- Open for Commission 1/05/21 ---

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